LIVE & ON-Demand Webcasting / Streaming
All state and federal webcasts are SECTION 508 COMPLIANT (we provide live Closed Captioning Services)

Stream to Rampard CDN or Livestream, Ustream using Standard Definition Cameras or HD/SD SDI cameras

For more information and free price quote, please call 212-457-3001 Or email: events@rampard.com

Webcast Types - (Roll Over or Click the Text to See Types)
1. Audio Webcast 2. Rich Media - Audio with Slides 3. Video/Audio Webcast 4. Rich Media - Video/Audio with Slides


Webcast Support Modules
Webcast Registration (ex: name, email, address, phone, etc.)
Live Q&A - questions collected via the Internet from live webcast viewers
Secure Webcast Login (individual usernames, individual passwords)
Secure Webcast Login (universal username, password)
HIGHLY SECURE Network Access Control for Webcast Streams - IP-based; Subnet-based
On-Demand Webcast Creation from tapes, files - per hour of encoding and programming - prices vary


Live Closed Captioning (Stenography) for Webcast
Live Closed Captioning Encoder rental - per event
Live Stenography for Live Closed Captioning services for the webcast - per hour